1. Overview
1.1 What is GaGaHi?
As one of the world’s largest multilingual social platforms, GaGaHi is committed to making
people from different regions, with varied cultural backgrounds and different languages to have a
better understanding of each other through the internet. Moreover, we are striving to improve our
services correspondingly provided for users of different hobbies and habits.
1.2 Why choose GaGaHi?
Compared with other sites, GaGaHi has its unique feature--Artificial Intelligence Hybrid
Translation, which eliminates the language barrier and helps you find friends much easier. It is a
multi-language friends-communicating site, which is true, beautiful, loving, and unique.
1.3 How does GaGaHi work?
On GaGaHi, you can register for free, find friends, post blogs, moods, and comments, send
messages and gifts, as well as Like for others, etc. You will become an active user who can enjoy
more privileges and features if you log in more often. Of course, you can enjoy these functions if
an upgrade to mini, VIP or senior membership.
2. Registration & Log in
2.1 Register with email or phone number
Visit Gagahi.com, click the Register button, fill out your profile information like email, password,
and username by following the process, then click the Next button. Select the gender
(unmodifiable once selected) and choose the language. After finishing the registration, you will
receive an email confirmation, verify your email address right away, then you will be redirected
automatically to the GaGaHi homepage.